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Please login or register. PhoneArena Search. Login Register. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets. Sony Xperia Z2 vs iPhone 5s: Share Tweet Share. Therefore we ought to put it against Apple's finest for the moment - the iPhone 5s.

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The Z2 has a 5. It's still of the IPS variety, just like the 4" x pixels display on the iPhone, though, ensuring good viewing angles, but sports higher pixel density than what the 5s offers. Apple has proven many times that its phone display panels flaunt almost perfect color representation, and are also extremely bright, which the Z2 has yet to demonstrate with the Live Colour LED tech. The Z2 carries Sony's own interface overlay, coated over Android 4.

The iPhone runs the latest iOS 7, with its command and notification centers, with widgets missing from the homescreen interface.

Sony Xperia Z2 vs iPhone 5s: first look

Sony Xperia Z2 comes with a 2. This processor is just a step below Qualcomm's new Snapdragon , which ensures that the Xperia Z2 won't seem underpowered for the foreseeable future. The 5s has 16 GB of internal memory from the box, just as the Z2, which, however, carries a microSD slot for more. Sony again uses the You can also shoot fps footage, and select where the footage should turn into slow- motion one.

The still shots are also getting new options, such as Background defocus. The Xperia will last longer than the iPhone 5 though in most cases, especially if you take good use of its power-saving options, but the iPhone trails it closely.


The iPhone lacks all these, but does pack the Dual-LED flash, great for taking more natural looking colors in poor-light, and its TouchID fingerprint-reader. Also, the iPhone 5S has a clearer and louder earpiece, which makes it better suited for taking and receiving calls. And last but not least, the tiny screen on the iPhone 5S is brighter, offers better contrast and paints more natural looking colors than the large screen on the Xperia Z2. On top of those, I could also mention the hardware differences between the two.

And, like I said above, the Xperia Z2 is snappier and smoother than the iPhone 5s is these days, in most cases. At the end of the day though, one question remains: A simple question with a complicated answer: Either way, both are excellent devices and the Xperia Z2, as the new kid in town, is a tougher competitor for the flagship iPhone than any of the other Zs were before.

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If you enjoyed this article, you might want to read my detailed Xperia Z2 review as well , plus the comparisons with the previous Sony Xperia Z1 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. And if you have any questions or things to add, the comments section below is open and waiting for your input.

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Sony has produced some good phones lately, i have been useing a Galaxy s2 then a Galaxy note for the last 3 years, with no issues at all and very happy. But this z2 is the phone that might just push me into purchasing a Sony for the 1st time. Sony once was the premium brand everyone bought. I still remember the tv studios haveing huge sony studio cameras, i think they know what there doing they have been around much much longer than all the the others including apple.

Is this meant to be Un biased?


I am using Iphone since pretty long time almost years 4,4s,5,5s and now couple of days back i switched to xperia z2 its quite good but still i am bit confused whether should i keep xperia z2 or again switch back in i phone 5s. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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